Q: When is the Reunion:
A. The main event, the moment of re-unification that you've all been waiting for, will be OCTOBER 11th and 12th, 2019.


On Friday, October 11th at 6pm: 

-  Please join us at the school for wine and cheese, mingling and a performance by the current New World students in the art gallery at NWSA - 25 NE 2nd St, Miami, FL 33132.

-  Possible after party TBD


On Saturday, October 12th - The Main Event!

5-6pm Cocktail Hour

6-9pm Reception

Cash Bar.  Literally a "cash" bar.  As in cash only. You can not charge anything to your room if you’re staying at the hotel. And they don't take credit cards.  It's cash only. That green stuff that people used to use before Apple Pay.  It fit into history somewhere between bartering and using credit cards. 

Please get your tickets beforehand - like, now - so that we can get an advance headcount.  Tickets are available at

Q: Where is the Reunion?
A: Miami. It’s time for the original Fightin’ Pigeons to fly home.


Q: Great! Where in Miami?
A: We were going to surprise Ms. Prieto and just have everyone randomly show up at her apartment, but she screwed that plan up when she moved out of town. So, instead, it will be at the MIAMI MARRIOTT BISCAYNE BAY (


Q: Awesome. I'm so there. Hey, are there discounted rooms available, so that I can stay right at the hotel and hang out with you all into the wee early hours? 

A. Yes! A limited number of discounted rooms are available. To reserve yours, simply go to  Or, if you'd prefer to speak with a potentially live person, call (305) 374-3900 and tell them that the secret code is "Pigeon Droppings". They'll pretend not to know what you're talking about. Then, you must repeat it ten times while standing on just your left foot (it must be your left foot), press the number “8” on your phone with your right-hand index finger four times (it must be your right hand), then scream "SIC SEMPER PIGEON TYRANNIS!!" at them and hang up. Then, call back and ask for the New World School of the Arts Reunion room block rate. We know that it's an odd and extensive process, but it's simply what the hotel requires.  Or, just use the website link above.

Q: Who’s invited?
A:  We're pleased to invite:

-           all who were students in the Founding Classes of 1988, 1989 and 1990 (including those who attended NWSA during that time but ended up wisely escaping and graduating elsewhere);

-           all teachers, staff and administrators who: (a) were there during that time; and (b) are not currently institutionalized;

-           all  PAVAC alumni (we offer mad props to our PAVACian forefathers and foremothers);

-           all Class of '91 alumni; 

-           all NWSA College alumni who were in the college graduating classes of '88, '89 and/or '90; and

.           rap superstar Vanilla Ice. Because, hey, why not?


Q: Can others also join in?
A: We’d love to be able to include everyone, but we’ve got to have a cut-off somewhere, otherwise we’d be crushing too many people into the venue, violating fire codes, suffering massive fatalities and ending up imprisoned. Yes, we know that’s just like pretty much any other day at New World, but we’d like to avoid that kind of unpleasantry for the Reunion. 


Q: So, did I hear correctly that Randall Emmett and MoviePass Films are paying for all Founding Alumni and Founding Faculty to attend? So, I don’t have to pay for tickets this time?
A. You heard correctly! Free tickets are available for:

-  all students who were the in the Founding Classes of 1988, 1989 and 1990, plus one guest; and

- all faculty, staff and administrators from 1988, ’89 and ’90;   

thanks to Randall and MoviePass Films! Although the free tix are limited to those specific groups, the other invitees described above (e.g., PAVACers, Class of 91, College Pigeons, the Hot Wheels Woman, etc.), are welcome to purchase tickets.


Q: That’s awesome! Thank you, Randall and MoviePass!
A: That wasn’t really a “Q”. It was more of an “S”.


Q: An “S”?
A: A “statement”.


Q: Well, Mrs. Papino taught me that a question is actually an “interrogatory statement”, so aren’t all my “Q”’s actually a form of an “S”?
A: A fair point, but then you’d need to change your name to “S”. And changing your name is a hassle. So, are you ok with sticking with “Q”?

Q: Yes, I suppose. Although, I’ve never really liked the name “Q”. 
A: We digress. Did you have another “interrogatory statement”?

Q: Yes! For people who will need to purchase tickets, how much will those tickets be?
A: The current Early Bird (early pigeon?) price is $119. Make sure to hurry and purchase now before the Early Bird pricing goes away!


Q: Wait, so is the Hot Wheels Woman really coming?
A: We can neither confirm nor deny. All we can currently say is that negotiations with her agent are ongoing.


Q: What happens if I’m an alum and I want to bring a date?
A: You got a date?? Good for you! You’ve clearly come a long way since high school! We still have potential dates laugh in our face when we approach them and tell them that we’re artists. Does your date have friends that they can introduce us to?


Q: Perhaps. Let’s talk offline after this. I want to make sure you’re not a creep or anything before I ask my date to introduce you to anyone. After all, you never know what kind of weirdo person sits around answering random questions all day. Right? Haha. LOL.
A: I appreciate your caution. Rest assured that, as far as people who sit around answering questions all day, I’m a relatively normal one. Although I do have 487 cats and I tend to eat all my meals out of a trough alongside my llama. I call her “Hubert".


Q: Um...Ok. Now, about my original question? Can I bring a date?
A: Yes, of course! As noted above, all members of the Classes of '88, '89 and '90 get a free ticket for their date/spouse/partner/significant other/inflatable friend/imaginary friend/tribble/etc. Anyone from the other groups of invitees (i.e., invitees who are not an alum from those 3 classes) is welcome to purchase a ticket for their +1. 


Q: What can I do to help?
A: FIRST: Email us at and let us know what you’d like to do to help in the planning! We can definitely use folks for all sorts of things, from planning, to tracking down alumni, to even possibly performing at the event! But, if you do offer to help, then please actually help!
SECOND: Get every other 88-90 alum you know to also do so - share the link on social media, call your friends, email them, show up randomly at their place of business - whatever you need to do (within the bounds of the law, morality and common decency, of course) to help us find and register all of the alums.


Q: Excellent! See you in October!